360REVIEWS: GAME OF THRONES SEASON 3 EPISODE 9 “The Rains of Castamere “

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On Sunday night, while Kim Kardashian was learning the sex of her unborn child, the American fans of the popular HBO show, Game of Thrones were being fed with yet another mind blowing episode called “the Rains of Castamere”– an episode that focused mainly on the Stark family. Just as I am sure that Kim Kardashian’s daughter will have a K name, I am also sure that majority of the fans that viewed the episode were in shock, especially during the last 7 minutes of the show.

So what happened?-Please note that the answer to the question thus asked may contain spoilers for those yet to watch the episode.

The mother of dragons conquered a new city, Bran and Jon Snow were close without none knowing but the height of the episode was at the Red wedding.

The Starks were guests to Walder Frey -the man with many daughters one of which Robb Stark promised to marry . They are there for the wedding between Robb stark’s uncle and one of Frey’s daughters. Robb Stark should have known better than to bring Talisa, his wife who carried little Eddard Stark in her belly, to the Wedding. Frey reminded Robb that he had broken his promise and married Talisa “for a pair of firm tits”.

The wedding at the initial stage went smoothly, one would not think it would end the way it did(except those that had read the book). There was drinking and meriment and music playing until the bride and groom were taken out of the room and the door locked. At this moment, the lannister song started playing.

Catelyn had realized that something was about to happen but realized too late to stop it. At this time, Arya had arrived with the hound to the wedding, early enough to witness another massacre that was about to unfold. As every Stark guest in the wedding were killed, Talisa stabbed in the womb, Robb was shot at, all poor Catelyn could do was to grab Frey’s wife and hold a knife at her troath. She begged that her son’s life be spared or she would slice the troath of Frey’s wife. Frey was rather adamant and had Robb Stark killed.

CaptureCatelyn, the poor woman thinks she has nothing to live for and brings death upon herself by slicing the troath of Frey’s wife and in turn having hers sliced. Many mouths were left agape as the credits took over the the screen while others who saw it coming were astounded at the way it turned out. Either way, the directors did a great job in making yet another gut-wrenching episode. If you have seen it, What do you think of the episode?

Written by: Eze Eche




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  1. It was a shock when I read the book 6 months ago. Just when you get to the point of liking a character they get killed off. The Starks have suffered much at the hands (of some) of the Lannisters. It will be interesting to see how the last 2 books will be written (hopefully before anything happens to prevent the author from finishing, crossed fingers) and the series is ended.

  2. Believe me i couldnt even believe what i had seen… i personally tink that was a bad move from the director… The Starks are our favorite, A lot of people taught they would rule the seven Kingdoms, Well, its still not late, The Bastard John Snow is still there o.. I See alot of potential in him, I also taught even tho Robb was gonna die, it would have been an honorable death not sumtin this weak in nature. Am very sure that made a lot of peeps lose interest in games of thrones…

    1. Lol. me too. but i don’t think you should blame the director. Robb failed in keeping his promise. He has himself to blame. I cant wait to see how things turn out.

  3. I saw Rob’s death coming. He truly deserved it for a situation like this one never favors people with misplaced priorities.
    He knew quite well that all the kingdoms were at war, he had a goal that was centered on securing the iron throne and avenging the death of his father; but he was an unwise leader.
    He relegated himself from within and thus became vulnerable to external attack. At a time when a supposedly wise Targaryen lady was busy building up military strenth, an unwise Stark was doing away with his.

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