A Million Flames: The June 3rd ill-fated Dana Plane Crash (A year after)

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365 days ago, you set sail on the wings of the sky to go past mountains that failed to touch up high. June 3, 2012. A thousand flames. A million candles. Dana’s air was insufficient to buoy, then the craft came down. Tail first.

Aso Rock sought for answers. Google asked questions. People asked questions. The same questions you had been asking. Why?

Bereft of the appropriate words to heal a bleeding heart, I speak with a million candles, a million flames. To pray that your gentle, exemplary journey will be ever-smooth, acceptable in the eyes of the maker.

A million flames, a million candles to help me shut my eyes and ask for peace, solace and joy on behalf of the grieving families. We love and respect you. Rest in peace.


Segun Adekoye

Segun Adekoye

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  1. my eyes will always weep for these beautiful people… may their gentle soul rest in d bosom of the Lord…. your memories would ever remain green in our hearts.

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