Make Your In Laws Love You

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Like it or not, your relationship with your in laws affects your relationship with your spouse because if you have problems relating with your in laws, your relationship would begin to suffer for it.


Women generally love when their men love their family/relatives, they see it as a sign of respect and love towards them. It makes them feel at ease and totally relaxed with the man whenever they are out of their home and with relatives.

Men on the other hand, love to see their women bond with their mothers(especially) and every member of their household. This gives them less “headache” and issues to worry about in that they don’t have to worry about their women complaining about an attitude/cold reception from her in laws.

However, as easy as it may sound or look, it doesn’t seem to be an easy task to bond with in laws. Women most especially seem to find it to be somewhat herculean when dealing with their in laws. For most of them, it is always a problem with his mom or sister.

Mothers are always overprotective of their sons and it takes a lot of conviction to let them realise that their sons are going to be well looked after by the wife.

Women should note that it is a very sensitive situation and if not well handled, it might get out of hands. Other things that should be noted are;

1. It is not a fight. Do not struggle with your mother in law over the heart of her son. That is senseless in every way and you are not likely to win because as much as a man loves his wife, he is not likely to dump his mother to be with her. Do not fight. Approach the issue gently and with utmost respect for your mother in law.

2. Be not be rude. Do not go to her with a disrespectful attitude and do not speak to her rudely. Talk to her like you would your own mother, let her see reasons with you. Let her see that you can run your own household without any interference from her, tell her to trust you and support you.

3. Talk to your spouse about it- let him see reasons with you. Do not hurl insults at his mother while trying to talk to him about the situation. Let him see that you love his mom but you’d rather she let you run your own home yourself.

4. Be independent- if you run to your in laws everytime you have an issue with your husband or everytime you have a little problem in the house, you are giving them an invitation to always meddle in your affairs. It shouldn’t be so. Run your household without any external help. If they see you’re capable of that, they would not try to tell you what to do.



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