ZEN MAGAZINE AFRICA: Fashion Editorial – Timeless Style with Toriola

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Tori Famuyiwa is a freelance stylist and designer who has 14+ comprehensive years of experience in the fashion industry, including show production and creative visual merchandising. He graduated with a major in international business and a minor in economics from Towson University, Towson Maryland and has been able to integrate his business acumen with his savvy fashion sense. Also styled and produced African Fashion Week NY 2010 & 2011. 

 Toriola: “All My life I have been surrounded by vibrant colors and the beauty of style, I transcend that style through the passion of my work. My philosophy is to create newness through the psychology of beauty and fashion.

 This truth is told in the things I create and my satisfaction comes from the audience that is mesmerized by my creations.

 I am an artist with a passion for all things beautiful providing direction to take your campaign to the next level.”

 Here are some pages showcasing his designs on online digital magazine Zen Magazine – enjoy.   

Editor’s Note: Classy designs from a very classy brand, Toriola gives us a mix of French lace and rich brocades, with a touch of the designers’ brilliance – Classic!!

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