Road To The Headies: ‘Album of the Year’ Clinical Analysis

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It is The Headies season once more and organizers of what is billed as ‘Nigeria’s biggest and best organized’ music awards recently released the list of nominees for this year’s ceremonies. In this series of posts, we take a closer look at each of the categories and bring our own sharp-eyed, clinical analysis to the proceedings.

We start with album of the year category. Nominees are

The Invasion- P-Square

Everybody Loves Ice Prince- Ice Prince

Superstar- Wizkid

Super C Season- Naeto C

Nothing expresses the dismal music year that was the period under review (March 2011- February 2012) better than this sorry state of nominees for album of the year. A category that should be one of the biggest and keenly contested just manages to depress us.

P-Square’s ‘The Invasion’ may have shifted a gazillion units but it is the pop duo’s weakest effort in years and certainly lacks any real staying power- long or short term. Ditto Ice Prince’s ‘E.L.I’ which with it’s weak flow and bland set of songs, emerged the most disappointing album from the Choc City group yet. Wizkid’s ‘Superstar’ is another massive seller but his saccharine tongued, heavily autotuned delivery does not hold up anywhere beyond teen pop circles.

Which leaves us with ‘Super C Season’. Naeto C’s sophomore effort,- post-Msc degree  was one of the better reviewed discs of the year and may be the safest option of all the nominees, however the February release date makes it so ancient by now, it is a wonder the organizers included it in the period under review. February isn’t the same as March 2011 however close they may be.

What should have been nominated

There seems to have been a conscious effort by the organizers (we don’t want to hear about a committee) to ignore the best albums of the year. Bez’s ‘Supersun’ was strangely bypassed, Timi Dakolo’s ‘Beautiful noise’ was not deemed good enough by the Headies team, Yinka Davies’ double disc ‘Black Chiffon’ must have been released in another planet and Etcetera’s ‘Yes I am’ was criminally overlooked. Folk singer 9ice’s double disc ‘Bashorun Gaa’ and ‘Versus’ together constituted one of the year’s most original and ingenious albums and certainly deserved a nomination at least. Sadly these gems were ignored for mediocre commercial fare.

This may or may not be entirely the fault of the organizers, (apparently, there was a call for entries)and they have to make the most of what is available to them but parading a set of nominees like this does not do much to boost the awards’ credibility.

What should win

No matter how dull the game is, a winner must emerge and in an ideal world, ‘Super C Season’ has the advantage over the others based on quality of the music.

What will win

Wizkid has been on a roll at award shows like this for some time now and it’s easy to see his winning streak continue. His ‘Superstar’ album served as soundtrack to many lives and fueled many awesome parties so it wouldn’t be surprising if he actually does win. If he doesn’t however, then P-Square would fill in nicely. They levied some nepotism/tribalism accusations at the organizers after losing out at the 2008 ceremonies but with their multiple nominations this season, all seems to have been forgiven and what better way to welcome them back to the fold than with a best album win. Not the best reasons to win but hey! We have heard of worse.

Whoever wins though, good music loses out.

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Wilfred Okiche

Wilfred Okiche

Wilfred Okiche is a movie buff and music head. He is still waiting for that one record that will change his life and remains ever optimistic. You can follow him on Twitter @drwill20


  1. So this writer’s conjecture is that album sales and popularity and mass appeal shouldn’t be one of the reasons an album is considered in this category. It should be all about the “musak” so he then proceeds to give us what albums should have been considered.What planet are u on? Good music is subjective to opinion no? Hence the safest bet is the popular appeal of an album in the year under revie, a criteria he scoffs at, lol. I consider the songs on Wizkid’s album “good music” so do many people. At the very least it shouldnbt be a surprise or in question at all that album and the Psquare record made the list. What shouldn’t be there is Super C season, cos as great as it was, its too old to be on 2012 album of the year lisitng.

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