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360Events: Mocheddah’s Graduation party @ Hush (The Pictures)

360Events: Mocheddah’s Graduation party @ Hush (The Pictures)

A big congrats to Mo’Cheddah for successfully finishing her 1st degree which was very much celebrated in STYLE.  Many faces from the music and media industry (if you can spot them) as well as University mates celebrated with her at the fancy lounge of the moment HUSH.  Here are the pictures . Enjoy.


Photo Credits: Kola Oshalusi

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  • No mo’cheddah in d pictures?

  • did mo’cheddah attend the event???:s

    • try specsavers.

  • Pardon my comment but nigerian gals or rather unilag gyals are tacky.I didnt say u shouldnt put on mini but luk at their legs,na by force go and exfoliate it and if u cant do not put on mini.There is leg spray but their fashion sense is awkward now forming bigg gals lyk seriously.Luk at mocheddah’s hot legs.The only better ne there is uche ododh d one with ankara pants and jean jacket very chic and classy,suitable for a graduation perty.Evereyone dressed as if it was their party,no bes serious matter u can go casula for partys chai

  • Okay pictures. Too much ugly skin show. Pretty pathetic what “fashion” has become. One cud tell they weren’t so comfy in they dresses. I’m with yhu, Bibi… Tacky!! *sigh*

  • these Unilag girls and bleaching na die!
    it seems Yellow is the colour of the season.
    One of these NGOs need to do a skin cancer awareness campaign.

  • Ahh ahh…u go fear discolourations and the mini skirt! Everybody wan wear mini skirt + chiffon top…ok ooo.
    Looks like they had a great time sha

    • i concur!!!!

  • i’ll be backkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!! too many mishaps et all!!!!!!!!

  • not a huge mocheddah fan, but she looks alright.
    hiaaann at that guy’s blue waist-coat
    if you must wear shorts,skirts or dresses above the knee, pls put some LOTION on!!! no one likes to see ashy knees joor!!
    biko who are those 3 mgbekes???? with the braids and tacky weave, are you perhaps strolling to the mallam’s shop near your house?? hian!
    hahaha, and the 3 girls below them too…wooow! i musto wear knicker by force!!
    cellulite in full BLAST!!! tsk tsk, nassty!

  • too many ghetto queens in the house!!!!
    all these agbaya men that wear hi-tops issoraii oooo! ya old oooo, leave them for the young ones already!!!
    noble igwe,not badddddd at allll. i see he doesn,t wear tight pants anymore!
    orange blue and orange? are we sporting a flag now? or maybe he’s colour blocking? :/
    banky-w i lovee youu, but please get a stylist??
    is skales bleaching???
    so many white looking girls, is this the latest now? *now running to buy fair & white*
    i cant stand jump-up anythinggg,
    nna ehhn, sup with girls showing not so smooth skin these days?? with all the light camera action too?

  • 1st thing that came to mind when I saw “graduation party” is: Graduation from music school or real school?!!

  • its tiwaaa savaageee!!! looking gorgeee!! but those bangles though, think they are a bit much imo tho.
    anklets by force..hehehehehe
    goldie thoughhhhhhhh, always getting it wrong!
    bros with the contacts, ekene kwam gi.
    baggy jeans are still in vogue? oh ok!
    goldie changed twice?
    haha, see don jazzy
    but some girls look very niceeee.. (y)
    hiaan durella nwannem, odikwa na mma? nkea iyi white socks??
    this black on black ensemble this girl has on is perturbing!!
    eku’s look is not werking for me..


  • APUu…*lol* this ya name no bad! We thank Jah say you give us short form for this name. How I for pronounce?
    MISS SHAMPOOO, aka Mo’cheddah looks alright ohh! Yelllow paw-paw! But she dressed like say na byday parry and so did her guests!!
    Hmmm this one them say na university mates dey attend, this people when full there na pales and males ohh! All of them just graduate???o.O
    BANKYW…hian!..this him monkey jacket, he gats bin am! In fact BURN am!
    DERENLE na standard fool! See as him bend leg.
    BEST DRESSED: Babe on turquoise skirt and peach top.
    EKU EDEWOR, damn…you too thin! Branch Mr Biggs na..
    DON JAZZY looked borrrrrred!
    TIWA SAVAGE dressed like she was going for official business! I DONT LIKE!

    • hhahahaha!!!!looooooooooooool @ branch mr biggs!!! i like u already! :p

    • Apu, Apu! I already like you a lot mate. This ya name toh bad! hahaaha of course she gats branch mr biggs! She resemble bag of bones!!

  • My dear ladies, if you are wearing peep toes biko paint ya toe nails!
    Also, get ya shoe size! All these FAT toes coming out! Almost giving me seizures!

  • I have never seen so many ugly legs in 1 party. what happened to pantyhose?
    bet, must u even wear short clothes? look at Uche and the other females in pants. classy

    Errmm, was this mochedda or goldie’s party? goldie, i dnt get the changing twice thing in another person’s party oh. oh well.
    Then the blue waist coat/jacket.

    Tiwa was d best dressed person there.

  • some1 must have told some people it was a Halloween party. *shrugs*. cc the “guy with the wierd contact lenses”

  • Too many fashion and skin mishaps, what is going on?

  • tiwa savage was classiest looking girl at this event…and a girl with a bun. girls please make sure your weaves look nice, your make up isn’t too much, and you don’t overdo fashion. thanks

  • abeg please tell them oh, dont know whats up with all them fashion crazie, we nigerians can like to overdo things.

  • honestly,,this pictures got me thinking we got a whole lot of low fashioned ugly Nigerians,,even if it aint true,,,Dammmmm,,,

  • I saw one of the girls legs and I couldn’t look at the rest of the pictures.

  • Urghhhh!!!Cellulite, discolored, scarred legs everywhere.This is definitely Unilag behavior.the Ashawos came to play

  • African on top of fashion world now.

  • OMG!!! What fuckery? See FACEcapS and LEGgingS na..Total Yuckery!!!

  • where in the world did u get this ladies from…. the dressing was not up to no fashion at all.. na free market they bought um.. men are better here and there ;)

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