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Lounging in the Slu…shh mansion in Lekki few weeks ago, I came face to face with the muse I had searched for these past weeks.

As music boomed out of the speakers and a light skinned girl clad in almost nothing danced to a Sean Paul tune, the heavens opened up and words flowed from my head through my hands to my virtual paper.

Unlike some who will take time off and apologize for not writing before this post, Chidinma would love to thank fate for providing her once again with enough creative juice to come up with this.

Onto today’s gist…

Disclaimer: Unlike many who profess not to listen to home music for whatever insubstantial reasons, Chidinma is not hard of hearing when it comes to Naija tunes. She also doesn’t claim to be a connoisseur of good music. All songs mentioned are her best-loved tunes for the year and reflect her preferences only.

Am I the only one who has noticed the calibre of musicians making their mark in the Nigerian industry? Am I? Am I?


From tracks that spilled to 2011 from the past to new acts rocking the land with their songs, the Naija music scene is certainly the place to be in. At least a place many crave to be in, judging by the amount of hate Ovie of  got a while back for not recognizing upcoming acts on his blog.

That bit of amebo done, I would  love to introduce you to the songs that ruined my mobile phone battery this year. Whether they were tunes with on-point beats and no ounce of lyrical sense from acts that don’t disappoint, or music that made me tumble in love with Nigerian music all over again, here is my list of 2011 Naija Music that made me smile: the betters and the bests.

From the record label that brought to us top notch vocalist and my current favorite male act in this parts, Banky W, comes Pakuromo a standard groovy song from an even groovier performer, Wizkid.

*home video sturvs*

On the real though, Wizzy came through on all counts this year for a vast majority of Naija music lovers. He released his debut album with plenty gidigbam tracks and best of all, he gave us the video for Pakurumo. It’s safe to say for Wizkid, this is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

On the 27th of Dec, I definitely did justice to this tune in the best way my behind could have at the  Akabo-okechi end of year parry!

Oya umu’nem pakuromo, pakuromo ko jo dada!

Like everything Nigerian, Terry G almost never disappoints: be it when he is dancing with his tongue hanging out for the world to see, or ringing small gold bells in his video, the akpako master is clearly at home with his kind of music.

So yes! It has been noted in our music history, that in the year of our Lord 2011 AD, Knack you akpako came, saw and temporarily conquered the house of ginjah, the minds of agbero’s and, like heat rash, my mind.

Another tune that has strolled into my list, is one of the  bestest Naija collabos ever: I think this song is a spill over, because I am certain I came across it sometime in Dec 2010.

Multiply remix by Phyno feat Flavour, Timaya,  MI and Mr Raw. The song toh badt. Call me biased, but any song with a hint of igbo usually sucks a very willing me into its depth. This one now had to have plenty lines of igbo, ogbonge beats and an incredible line up of artistes who accomplished the task set for them.

The first time I listened to molowo noni, I died and went to beats heaven. This track by Samklef features  in-the-news acts: Iceprince, D’prince and Wizkid and truth be told, the song make kwa a lot of sense.

Superstar by Iceprince described in a word, is Correct! Before its release, I wondered often how he could top the raging success of Oleku…guess I worried over naught. The song did not disappoint one bit.

Another very loaded song that debuted this year has to be Back when, by the explicitly tattooed Davido. Dare I say more? I love the song to pieces and he sef just had to feature my guy- Naeto C. Three big ticks for this song. Nwanem isi gi di dia!

If he’s not featuring on correct songs or earning his stripes in the paparazzi spotlight, Naeto C must surely be basking in the adulation of his woman. You doubt me? Listen to 5 and 6. The song is a flawlessly written song for lovers by a lover boy. Did that even make sense? I love it. I love it. Let me just add that the video which was obviously shot in obodo oyinbo was done properly. YES BOSS!

The next track Fly away by Dipp gives me goose pimples. The beats cooked by E kelly, took me in! Thing is I am truly a beats girl – like, if your song has got the right words with wack beats, it might take me never to listen to it.


The world is an evil place. I know this better than most.

Orobo uweeeeeee, Orobo Uweeeee, she just the shake her waist like…”

Man! I heart this song. I heart this song! It is a danceable and sing-along-able track which was obviously dedicated to me. Ermm Sound Sultan, thanks for the Sub. I caught it like a pro.

Supersun remix ft Eldee, Ice prince and Eva, is another really good collabo released this year. A fusion of some Bez music mixed with naija-hiphop? Genius!!!

Moving on, if you know anything about me, it should be my love for anything igbo. I’m biased like that and shamelessly proud too.

And with that announcement, Girl by Bracket ft Wizkid made it to my music archives this year. I can only describe this track as a beautiful blend of two flavors of music. My eardrums cry in ecstasy with every listen.

Another song I am completely and utterly going bonkers about is Without my heart by the very delightful siren: Tiwa Savage ft Don jazzy. The first time I listened to the song, I was pleased. I do not care if the beats are pirated or any other hogwash people have said. Afterall loook around you: which idea is really unique eh? With over plenty billions of humans, lycans, mami water and the undead, you think ideas have not been recycled? Biko gaan drink cold herpes beer. Ms Savage if you ever see this, I LOVE YOU! #nohomo :p

Did I mention the queen of subtle razz? Omawumi’s If you ask me is also a tune for days. My phone hear nwi when it was released early this year!

From one vocal queen to another, 2011 has been filled with good things for this crooner. Talent can only be nurtured, never hidden. Her I’m so inspired song is still a favourite jam. Waje has had a good music year. I wish only better things for you Ma.

Ehen! So my music hero Banky Wellington dropped two singles recently and though it is not making a lot of waves now, I see it soaring. That man can sing! His #Lowkey tune does something to me. Truth be told when it comes to music genres, I tilt towards RnB, rock and some country, so it is errrrm quite naturelle that I love this song, with him singing to me and all. On the other hand, the #Setting p track is slowly  growing on me.

Eldee also released two better tracks this last quarter: Wash wash and Today today. If you have not listened to them, your last carrying is of gigornomous proportions! And yes that is a word. This man is forever on point, his nickname should be 6pointers…#nawash

For the ugly, of course you will hear of experts in music foolery and buffonery, who ventured into the industry this year hoping to kill my music cheer. Alas, like all who have gone before them, they failed. No need to mention names, they know their calling is in visual comedy and their music life span is on the brink of extinction.

Believe me when I say, this year has been huge for a lot of acts.

I mean there was:

Shank’s Salute which leaves me speechless. I was a tad sceptical of his skills after Julie and had even given up hope on a strong comeback from him. Well this was right before he upped and cornered me with Salute. Brilliant!


“Do as I do, do as I do, do as I dooooooo eh!!” Yup! Get familiar!

Off the latest album from the duo known as Psquare, this track has had a good reception since its release. Pretty good song ft Tiwa Savage and May D.

There was also,

Soul is Heavy by Nneka, off her new album: a song that only cemented what I knew. This afro-german female knows her onions.


Be my man by the franco-anglais internationally celebrated act. Asa refuses to disappoint with her brand of music. Little wonder she’s been celebrated more than ever internationally.

This post will not be whole, if I fail to name songs/acts with promise. Huge promise sef!

You see I am a strong believer in self belief – even though I lack the technical know how when it comes to going about it sometimes – and I want to applaud a lot of singers who have shunned plenty “No” and “You can’t do it” to make music like they envisioned.

In no particular order, these tracks made me fall in love with these upcoming acts:

Macmillan story by Oyinkasola

Fire down by Hans Mills

On the block by L.A.C.E ft Vanessa

Foreigner by black magic ft Ms Saeon

Loving your way by Seyi Shay

Special person by So-j


Catch trips by Chycopelli.

Someday when I gain more vocal confidence, I’ll occupy a studio booth and record till my voice goes hoarse. May be that day, another will write of a new act she fancies and that act will be me.

Just before I go, let me leave you with famous words from a great man.

“If music be the food of love, play on” ~ Shakespeare

PS: Most of these songs grew on me after massive radio airplay. So it’s okay to assume I listened to mostly radio hits this year.




I am the personification of Brutally blunt and Witty. I love my jokes funny, my music loud and my gists, colourful. I live my life by rules- my rules- and make no apologies for why I act the way I do. I define creativity as the act of evolving and evolving... Suffice to say that life and I are on first name terms- he is crazy about me too!


  1. still wonderin y peeps re beefin dat tiwa n jazzy’s song o, dat song is really on point so far as I’m concerned,nice work dimma,but u omitted wiz party n dami duro,dos songs re tight club bangers. Cheers

  2. Thanks so much! This is an encyclopedia for all of us dat luv Naija jamz but dont know the singers names or songz titles! All these songs continues to excite our Lagos craziest nights out!!!

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