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The Naked Convos Series #2 – 30/11/2011 (The Pictures)

The Naked Convos Series #2 – 30/11/2011 (The Pictures)
The Naked Convos Series #2, an interactive initiative designed to create safe spaces where young men and women engage in open and honest conversations particularly about love, sex and relationships held on Sunday October 30th 2011 at the African themed Bogo Biri House. From 4pm, the warm and serene venue began filling up with invitees made up of young individuals from diverse backgrounds.
The event kicked off at about 5pm with an introduction from the host on the night, Oyetola Smith. She then welcomed the event curator and editor of Wale ‘Thetoolsman’ Adetula who further gave insight into why and how The Naked Convos was developed.
The panelists were introduced and then the discussion sessions kicked off. The topic on the night was ‘Money. Power. Respect’. The panelists and members of the audience shared their views and experiences on the subject over the course of three sessions.

The event was infused with music. There were exciting performances from Ese Peters as well as rapper, Vivi and Oyetola Smith (winner of The Underground 3). They performed a cover of Marsha Ambrosius’ Far Away off his World War III Mixtape. The performance of the night was by soul singer, Dipo who serenaded the audience with his hit single, Be your man.

The Naked Convos

The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos


The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos


The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos The Naked Convos

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  • Cool stuff. I don’t know the concept, but I see many pretty faces, I bet it was fun.
    *thumbs up* to the organiser(s).

  • Tosin! BOOOOOBS!

  • Red carpet???????? C’mon!!!! Wetin???

  • It’s funny how Twitter people are always eager to run their mouths on Red Carpet pictures.
    Just one single event and most of them come out looking like house helps.
    Look at Chinnydiva and her almost Ankara jumper,funny handbag and cheap shoes.
    The boys looking like leftover Semo.
    Hiding behind google image avatars to tweet crap at people.
    This is too funny and I just have to give up

    • That is a perfect analysis,Akamu. There are a few cool ppl tho

  • Lmfaoooooo…Akamu u have said it all.

  • Why don’t the youths of Nigeria stand up for causes to improve their country and redirect their energy into changing the system instead of always displaying theirselves in events like this. Nobody seems to care about the future we are all living for the moment.

  • @Timothy: Seems like you might need to change the kinda people you’ve been hanging around.

  • Most of the guys here look like mallam, they need a good hot bath with plenty foam bath/SOAP, and while they are it dnt forget to brush their mouth with strong minty toohtpaste and a cup of mouth wash…

    Few people actually look good. Y was there a gathering about sex, relationship blah blah blah…? Dnt these teenagers do that enough already on BB, Twitter and co? This is some Rasclatt B.S

    what about topics on generating jobs/workshops for themselves?Empowering them as youths? I mean come on. My blood boils at stupid crappy stuff like this!!!

    I actually thought my computer screen had bad lighting problem, but oooooo no these guest are dull. Red carpet ko, Yellow pepper ni.

    and ps; i aint beefing no1. most of them probably expect to be starts from appearing here now.

    • OLODO! That’s why your parents gave up on you! They did not gather to discuss sex! People like you are so clueless! Did you read what nobs wrote at all???? Oh,i remember, you can’t read! It was on Money, Power and Respect! HEEDIAT like you! LMAO @ ur last statement,…..’expect to be starts’????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Chinnydiva…lololol. Thanks Bimbo for pointing her out. She looks like a makeover gone bad: ashy-looking legs,ugly ensemble…girl get a grip! Don’t bad mouth people if you don’t look half as good as them.
    Ugly swine, be hiding behind words.

  • @oge…hahahahaha!
    Did u notice from the ankle down: the babe’s got some serious farming/village ish going on in her life.
    Dayummmm…but how u gonna dress like that? Don’t you havve any sense of style? Wanna be celebrity oshi!

  • In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with these picture…fewer fashion blunders ‘cos people were ‘RELAXED’ in terms of their dress sense. And the people dissing Chinnydiva (sp?), abeg make una go siddon one side, na she say make invite no reach your side?

  • laff wan tear my belle at your comments! na wah o! who be de chinnydiva sef? una don finish her life here.
    left over semo? hahahahahahaha!

    anyway, I don’t see anything wrong with the outfits. it was a casual event, did you guys expect them to show up in dinner dresses and tuxedos? chill abeg.

  • Who is Chinnydiva?. She got more chin than Jay Leno?. Ensemble by the tailor’s apprentice though.

  • Please leave Chinny o!!! She’s hot and sexy. I want her under me, while the guy in glasses with curly hair is over me. Mmm-mmm!!!

  • Will there be a red carpet event every time one of this TNC sessions hold?

    • Depends on if Tula can successfully bring out the red rug in his sitting room again.

  • Mr. 4eyedmonk…aren’t you too old to be interested in such an event?. Old man wey no wan leave nursery school because of ‘jangilova’. Agbaya!

    • I guess you have been looking for an opportunity to do this for ages. I hope that now that you have done it I have helped to fulfil an age long dream of yours :D. Nobody should begrudge how well you can process and comprehend simple statements, but its alright, these days being dumb is a measure of cuteness. I don’t think I am older than the men at home or in your village, but if I am…doxology :)

      Who else wants to have a go? :D

    • LOL…now sorry but that was a smash hit come back man!! lol

    • Henry, you dey fall hand. U no suppose dey comment on top this kain tin. U just dey allow small children dey insult u. To make matters worse, u come dey reply. Konk yourself my guy.

  • Thanks Ify. Mr 4eyedmonk has to respect himself and quit flirting with girls that were born at the same time he left uni on twitter. His very jokes abi na wordplay, are terrible. He’s the only person on twitter worse than tweetoracle.

    I don’t have a problem with these people’s dressing but mehn, shey na OlaToxic be that? Why won’t he be a virgin? See the way he looks…like frozen ogi!kechiLauren and Msitunu are beautiful!

  • LMAOOO!I can’t!

  • Red carpet 

    noun 1. a red strip of carpet placed on the ground for high-ranking dignitaries to walk on when entering or leaving a building, vehicle, or the like.

    2. a display of courtesy or deference, as that shown to persons of high station: (e.g) The visiting princess was treated to the red carpet in Rome.

  • Hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahah
    thatris all..

  • Pa 4eyedmonk, wetin carry your mouth enter this matter?. This isn’t your village elders meeting o. Anyway, siddon on top stool *offers him kola nuts and Aromatc Schnapps*. Ancient of days.

  • Wow…..Soo Much Bad blood

  • That’s how I tweeted about TNC and babes setting P on sunday then this chinnydiva that looks like expired baked beans went on twitter and started abusing me.I didn’t even realise it was this thing that looked like roasted fish that was talking about me being Ugly.Karma is a bitch though.

    • So she abused you on sunday while you both were at TNC, you didn’t say anything then. Now you’re coming to follow and abuse her on top blog. Agbaya!

    • Oh, and calling someone expired baked beans? At least she’s baked and not burnt and salty like you!!!

    • Oh, and calling someone expired baked beans? At least she’s baked and not burnt n salty like you!!!

    • Thank you o! what happened to sorting stuff out there and then? If it aint the height of being a wimp i dont know what else this is. Dude you’re a guy, stop acting like a pmsing bitch.

    • see who’s calling someone expired baked beans abeg? how dare you when you look like a wrap of rotten tuwo? you should go take a dip in the nearest pond with your fellow frogs.

  • Abeg which person be chinnydiva for the pics??

  • Really, let us be honest, that chic is not ugly. I’m not saying she’s drop-dead, stop-me-in-my-tracks beautiful either, but she’s not ugly. I don’t know why you all are just hating on the chic…abi she did not allow some of you set P with her?

  • i can see a lot of vile, reckless, embarrasingly ugly comments being spewed by a few people here with no basic understanding of what the event seeks to achieve …

    @thenakedconvos is a movement dedicated to permit conversations of any kind from the serious to the mundane without fear or inhibitions but with RESPECT
    The event was not your regular stand-offish peacocky event and people were asked to dress as relaxed as possible like they were in their homes…

    so if you didn’t get an invite and you see this as an opportunity to misbehave or be rude to other people, get a grip!

  • #cosign @akamu n @tobify

  • @il cecero:I was at d event and enjoyed d event,d concept was on point and everything was cool but I didn’t hear anywhere during d event where they said that people were allowed to go on twitter and take cheap jabs at peeps they know nothing about.

  • Obviously some very angry people on here…*sits in d corner w my salt popcorn*

  • you guys never fail to amuse me. why the pain? RFLMAO. they all looked simple n nice. I don’t get the need for the red carpet tho. Stacy nwa ocha m….. I see you! I see you!

  • For me, the TNC achieved its goal…but I had a great laugh on Sunday man. People who sound the loudest on twitter def did look the ugliest…the saying ugly gongs or was it empty gongs make the loudest noise was totally manifested at the TNC…
    LMAO at the comments!
    An advice: don’t yab pple if you know you are quite sub par too

    • Why the emphasis on twitter? Is it supposed to be a big deal? It is people like you that are spoiling the reputation of this country! Why should twitter matter? You over-blow things!ans that is why Toolzman wud v d guts to use a red carpet for his event that only 1% of ‘twitter world’ was aware of! GUSHHHHH!!!!! Mayneee,…..get a LIFE!!!!

    • Huh! Speak English please

  • I rem seeing one of her tweets(the uglyDiva I mean) about Toolz: one where she said Toolz was fat, with thick arms and tummy….I wondered briefly how she looked.
    Thanks Noble for exposing the girl behind the avatar…how dare u even talk about someone else when you can be used as a scarecrow in my grandma’s farm? How dare u?
    You think being a twitter celeb is ur high point right? Think again…for a min there, I wondered if the red carpet was for halloween, coz chinnydiva came dressed as a human size mosquito!

    • @Gabrielle,..You wondered briefly how she looked! Why didn’t u talk back at her? Cos you were scared???? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! The things twitter has done to you! Get a real life!If that’s too difficult, borrow from Chinnydiva!Cos this fake one u r living wud take u no where! And yes,…TOOLZ IS FAT, HAS THICK ARMS AND WEARS BODY MAGIC! Y does the truth hurt so much? And wetin consign u if she talked about Tools? At least no one is talking about you cos you DO NOT COUNT!!!! FOOL!

    • Exposing the girl behind the avatar? Doesn’t she use her own pictures on twitter? You’re abusing her but you can quote her tweets almost word for word? Ode!

  • Why is 4eyedmonk being attacked?. Baba, u sef dey fall hand o. You actually deemed it fit to reply?. Haba, u mess up big time.

  • Thank God it is not the event that pple are getting mad at instead it on pple they ve had ‘brushings’ with on twitter. It just means that TNC2 achieved its goal & i am so sad i missed it :(!

    Looool…but you just need to read the comments on blogs to know how bitter people can get sha….kai!!
    i personally dont see what the big deal is…were some pple too casual? Yes. Did these pictures just prove the most avatars on twitter were photoshopped? Heck yea…!

  • but lagos girls r not so pretty, *jst saying*

  • pls, pls…pls….can see a lota misguided comments, not everyone who attended @thenakedconvos is a ‘twitter person’ …. some of us are just normal, everyday individuals who love the community that thenakedconvos provide!! seems a lot of you are being bullied on twitter and this has created an opportunity for you guys to run your smelly mouths…
    i however think these guys are beautiful and as simple as can be… why aren’t you happy? or is it that your self-esteem issues extend beyond twitter into real world???

    • GBAM!!! You hit the nail on the head!!! They are all related somehow and that’s why its obvious they have been looking for her! They are all seeking for attention! All trying to famz! BITCHES


  • Who are all these people? I can’t see Naomi Campbell there. What’s d fuss about? :s

  • Thank God it is not the event that pple are getting mad at instead it is on pple they ve had ‘brushings’ with on twitter. It just means that TNC2 achieved its goal & i am so sad i missed it :(

    Looool…but you just need to read the comments on blogs to know how bitter people can get sha….kai!!
    i personally dont see what the big deal is…were some pple too casual? Yes. Did these pictures just prove that most avatars on twitter were photoshopped? yea…! Can we now move on?

    Weldone TNC2 TEAM!!

  • Say no to bullying.

  • Idiots!illiterates! See how twitter has damaged ur destinies,such that u go everywhere to cry about twitter… uncivilized! If Chinnydiva is ugly and she insulted u,KILL URSELF! Come here and be spreading ur dirty pant selves everywhere! Ok,so I missed TNC! (-̩̩̩⌣́_⌣̀-̩̩̩)

  • Wow! *blank stare*

    Frozen ogi, though… Oh wow!

  • Mgbeke diva has gotten hers today.One day e go be madam Jayla turn

  • :ooo!! Very funny!

  • hahahahahahahaha @LMAO

  • @Gabriella 12:30pm I really understand you. I’m not her spokesperson, friend or whatever. She doesn’t follow me on twitter but I follow her. I remember seeing her tweet a comment about Toolz. Well, she only tweeted exactly what someone said about Toolz on LINDA IKEJI’S BLOG, I saw that comment on Linda Ikeji’s blog with my eyes and I’m wondering why you didn’t see the quotation mark she used. Chinnyi Diva didn’t say that about Toolz at all. That aside, she is not exempted.

    Secondly, this is a lesson to the so called Twitter celebs and Co who feel they are perfect and are professional genius. Others attend event while they seat on kitchen stools, munching Akara and gossiping on Twitter about how ugly people are in what they wore to an event, how girls are dumb without jobs and beg to get into clubs, don’t visit gym etc (Example tweets from CHIKA UWAZIE, who paints herself ‘HOLY’), who fucked who bla bla bla.

    We all have to stop this rubbish.

  • some serious growing up to be done…

  • @All the people hating on @Chinnydiva,….u can like to suck on rotten balls!!! Girls and beef sha! WTF??? Y’all make me laugh out loud!!! So u cn sha agree that she is a ‘celebrity ba? U guys v been celebrating her on twitter, u’ve been afraid to talk back, but now that u’ve seen her, your mouth is sharp! It shall be bent! Stupid girls!
    Her name isnt on the picture but somehow you figured she was the one. How come? Cos u r her fanz!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Famzersssss!! Bet you follow her too! Im sure the babe is somewhere laffn at your comments! You can’t stop her shine! Stay UGLY!!!!! Mscheeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • @LMAO.. Am with you on this one. Am personally waiting for that uncouth Agadinwanyi -baby called JAYLA that thinks twitter must start and end with the gospel according to Jayla.. Hanging unto young girls as if we can’t see age in her eyes… The day of reckoning is near..

    • And after that,…..would your pubic hair finally agree to cut???? Better use your time on earth wisely! Twitter people!!!

  • Whos is chinnydiva eh?!?! someone please point her out for me biko

    • It is her fanz that recognised her!!! At least she is more famous now! Not everyone can love her! Not everyone can love you! That’s life! And Chinnydiva is one STRONG woman that will rise above all you unneccessary people!!!

  • Whos chinnydiva eh? someone please point her out for me biko!!

  • SMH

  • Chinnydiva isn’t ugly. Not pretty either. What’s wrong with her is her dressing. Everything’s wrong! Don’t know which to pick as worst, d shoes or d bag or her bad attitude? The toxic one, Aw. He does look underage. Some really pretty ladies there with big bags that don’t just work!
    Abeg what was d criteria for selecting these bunch of people? Should I throw a tantrum? Abuse everyone one twitter? Be a snob on twitter? Act like I know it all or never reply mentions? Tell me!! I want an invite!!!

    • Awwwwwww,…..she didn’t reply your mention????? She snobbed you???? Pele o! Omo twitter! Don’t worry, next time. she will.

  • Please visit my blog here thanks and God bless! :)

    • lmao…..just stop please. Don’t come on here to be an immature nuisance and comment. Just have a seat and eat the dish that’s being served to you. If your goal is to be dissing people on twitter you better be looking like a million bucks and you my dear look basic as all hell. And i find it amusing you dedicated a whole blog post to mocheddah and yet you both have the same scrawny body type. e wu a disgrace nno and e wu onye igbo. Anyway I don’t blame you…..twitter is all you have cause in real life no one really sees you. You are just an insecure person behind a computer on a keyboard in your small hole with your little minions online. Be mature and be quiet!!!

    • Jisos oh, chei!!!


    • Go and sit somewhere abeg

    • lmao…you are such a coward chinny…..why don’t you stop leaving your sob comments behind this trrrzzzz character. See you just proved my point… are definitely insecure. Don’t worry…..ppl will notice you outside the world wide web one day……..wait….let me not keep your hopes up. lol

    • Fools like you that think i am Chinnydiva just make me buhahahahahahhahahahahaha!!!!! She isn’t sensible to hide behind someone else! She’s still tweeting! She’s still on top! U can’t take anyfn away from her! These things happen! But as long as y’all are here,…i aint going nowhere BITCHES!!!! Let’s all HATE! GBAM

    • lmao… are such a bush igbo girl from the gutter chinny diva….your parents are dogs from the gutter too. cause you are proof they made a mistake bringing you into this world and raising you.

      Bitch, Make sure you reply cos if you don’t i will be very sad, and you will make me believe i have won and i don’t want to win cos i always win!

    • lmao @ cry blood….what are you going to do to me? Caps lock me to death…..LMAOOOOOOOOO…… I see my comment pained you…lol

  • @trzzzzz why are u so pained that people are calling chinnydiva ugly? U claim the truth shouldn’t hurt abi? Chinny can say what she likes and people can say what they like. Free world. Biko rest. Biko. This ur power is too much. Drink water and rest.

    • I claim???? Please don’t say the one i did not say! But anyways, yes, the truth shudnt hurt! It ain’t hurting! I’m loving every bit of this!!! Keep it coming BITCHES!!!

  • LEft over Semo…. Old man wey no wan leave pry school cos of jangilova…. swine…. Omo people are vexing o!!!

  • i ave a feelin dis trrrrrrzzzz is chinnydiva…..but dis is actually hilarious…i c my padi tolu lookin cool…hahaha…all dis comments are just hilarious

  • What amazes me most is how Jayla got involved here. If u have issues wiv any1, go in on d person. Seriously tho twitter doesn’t put food on d table. Y’all need to focus more on real life stuffs & quit bitching or y’all will die bitter. There’s so much that show a lot of you are yet to grow up. Maturity isn’t age, its the ability to be responsible and I don’t many responsible comments. Quit whining about what happened on twitter and get a life!

    • GBAM!!! So childish! That’s what is so disgusting!

  • @trrrrzzz,we know we are all strong women but where is she in the pictures..thats my question. and apparently,her twitter ID nolonger exists

    • @Reine_Laglace. It’s not been @Chinnydiva in lyk forever!

  • leave chinny alone! she’s hot and sexy, much better than you salty bitches! I want her under me while the guy in glasses and white shirt is on top of me. mmm.

  • some of the comments on here are quite immature. if you’re going to take a jab at someone for reasons best known to you, you are free to do so. but up the class a bit. expired baked beans and left over semo don’t cut it.

  • sigh…

  • LMAO!!!!!! Wooooow!!!! I needed to see what the fuss was about…lmaoooo at all the funny comments..and i thought i had bad mouth oooo…apparently not!! sigh*

  • Jeez, nigerians can yab sha down to the pant, smh


  • You all are salty mu’fuckers!!!! The Chinny girl looks ok. I don’t see what the fuss is about. The insults are pretty lame and stupid, not funny. Please get a life and stop hating.

  • Looool the funny part of every thing is the chinny person posting with all these pseudo-names and what not. If she’s the one wearing aso ebi ankara in the pictures tho I understand why she’s hiding behind the fake usernames she looks like a hoe..the actual farm tool :|



  • Lmaooooooooooooooo. The insults though.

  • I will keep refreshing this page


  • WHY?

  • This is Chinnydiva’s twitter account —–» @Reine_LaGlace.
    By d way she iz also trzzz.
    LOL. She’s nt fine at d same tym nt ugly.But she wowo sha :p
    Biko who is ds Olatoxic pesn in d pics,sm1 point him out pls.
    Aww see Aisha lookin FAB! ^_^ she doesn’t lyk me tho ( ._.) Oh well

  • For those of u searching for chinnydiva on twitter, she is now @Reine_LaGlace. Thank me or insult me later

  • But that guy sitting alone ( pic 18 from bottom) is cute..

    • He can get it anytime..

  • I unhook bras with my teeth in 2seconds. I’m super. whoooooO! *picanto voice*

  • I unhook bras with my teeth in 2seconds. I’m super. whoooooO! *picanto voice*

    • Lol! ashawo! PR toh bad

  • Trzzzzzzz must be chinnydiva! Who has time to fight for someone else these days.the comments here must have pained her. But Y U NO go to a good tailor?Y Apprentice? Kechilauren is a very beautiful girl.Rock on girl! Stacy I see u. Hot as usual.

    • I have the time! You probably have no one to have your back cos you don’t deserve it! Deal with it!

  • LOL Demilade you cutie. I would put out for you :P

  • I see we are setting P..ok den ( ._.)

  • Oh…

  • I want to fuck @XOAFRO. or have him do me, anyway.

    He’s smoking.

  • Wow, Nigerians can insult sha. Anyway have seen Chinny diss people’s cloths, body and figure on twitter so i guess these wont ruffle her feathers. Its a Karma thing.
    Olatoxic, Kevin, Demilade = Cute
    Looking forward to TNC 3.

  • Twitter is now a cheap way to get publicity, by hook or crook, smh

  • She deserves the lashing she got then if she disses people. Don’t diss if you don’t look like a million bucks.

  • Blood of Jesus! All from this same event?! Be like me, wear black, blend in. @monk.. Baba you have vex a multitude o. @demilader I repeat, you are a great man.. Bra whisperer!

  • *sigh*™

    Excuse me.

    Can I get a double expresso on the rocks.
    No salt.

    Wait. Wrong forum…

    I love you Chinny.

  • @trrrrrrrz or watever ur name is, u are disgusting! Are u scared of using ur real name or wat? Letz know if it’s chinnydiva using that as a camouflage name to get back at people dissing her! Nobody is scared of an ant dat can be trampled upon and squashed to death! Beware!

    • Is ur real name Princess? Bet ur parents were wishing for a pretty child but had a vulture! Ode oshi! Idiot!

  • OVOKO!!!!! *grabs salted popcorn & farouz* keep it coming ladies. :)

  • hahahahahahaha… pure jokes mennnn

  • Kai, u people sha…una get mouth! Trzzzz,see u threatening fire and brimstone over the net! Cry blood kwa???? How? Where???? Go look bush jor…

  • @trrrrzzzz…I saw that tweet only because someone on my timeline retweeted it. It’s bad to badmouth people generally and worse when you look like the gods molded u outta clay. So please ma, hurry to the corner and nurse yourself with a big glass of shame.

    @concernedperson: so you think we all live to steal lines from people’s tweets? I guess it’s safe to say all you’ve posted here were gotten from twitter.

    • Saint Gabrielle! FUCK YOU!

  • Why evils????
    All I see is beef and hating. Attack chidinma or whoeva it is y’all ve beef with but not everybody that went for the event!
    Dress code: smart casual. I went for the event and I think everyone achieved that!

    P.S olatoxic is a cute and sweet person. And the “frozen ogi” comment was very unnecessary.

  • I’m laughing for daysssss Mehn!!! CLOWNS

  • I’m laughing for daysssss Mehn!!! CLOWNS

  • God Bless Y’all!!!

  • I really dnt knw wot to say to all these but I’ll say this; though I don’t know her personally,I follow her on twitter and I can say that chinnydiva or Reine_laglace is a cool, confident, and intelligent person.. maybe generally too vocal about her opinion so the issues most of u guys have with her are quite understandable but last I checked,twas still ok to have opinions… I also happen to think she looks great in this picture.. that dress is ankara and I doubt there’s anyone here who doesn’t own at least one.. So let’s just get along and stop the hating.. It doesn’t help.. P.S – on a lighter note, she’s planning to get signed on to mo’hits records and and her first single featuring lynxx is coming out soon.. So u guys better get used to seeing her on ur tvs and red carpets… *now dodging attacks and running far far away”

  • But on the real tho..its quite funny dt d chinny babe who spits fire and brimstone would actually come dressed lke a village bride. there is nothing spectacular about fashion..wear wt fits ur body period..i mean not wt dse legs..smh well freedom of expression is people should not be chastised for speaking or rada typing freely..perhaps if d chinny babe wasnt so sacastic and insultive on twitter peeps wuldnt be ds upset. seems to me that people wt a high dose of insecurity act dt way..oh well its a free pls nxt time use a more sincere tailor.

  • Chinny diva aint as bad as u guys r sayn she is… bt girl ur look really cheap, even ur makeup. I’m sure its those N140 eyeshadows u used + N100 ‘limstick’ n ur shoes mba so! Looks like the sch sandals I wore in sec sch*no joke* n we knw u r trrrrzzz

  • @ Nobs i’m sure u r glad… The traffic dis has caused for 360Nobs.

    This is great entertainment…

  • Is that msitunu and sabirah? They look like baby hippopotamuses…… Ơ̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡

  • Ogini n’afio? Hilarious comments. Trrrrrzzzzz we know u r chinnydiva, take a chill pill babe cos u can’t win dis. Truth be told chinnydiva is not anywhere near pretty though look at those legs chineke! Luv y’all n d entertainment. 360nobs I see u. Remain some salt for d sunday rice o!

  • I’m pretty sure chinnydiva is trrrrzzz. Look at d way she types. Takes it too personal, ready to fight everyone. Even replies before d comment is done.knows details of each comment. Same way she went on twitter to fight someone bc he voiced his opinion of her here. If she disses ppl, well she deserves it then. Just a surprise she can’t stomach what she supposedly dishes out. Abeg d prob with her choice of outfit isn’t that its ankara.we get that its a casual thing. The prob is in d whole ensemble. D whole gear, cut-and-join sewing etc especially that bag!
    For those complaining about ppl’s comments: why else r these pictures posted here if not for us to comment on their looks???
    Some pretty girls dey. Dunno names. Nice looking lads dey. Kevinwithanl looks even younger!

    • Even replies before the comment is done???? So what do i reply to? ODE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You go school at all? What’s a reply??? Ask someone to help u read it from a dictionary o! Sorry o

  • I hope u all take some time out to check other 360 posts..lovely having u support the site like this..

  • Aisha would forever look trashy just like her sister why did she smile like a bufalo dirty pigs

  • Hahaha! Funny. Funny. Jayla came in cos she’s a bully and gossip,jobless and immature without a life..without twitter she’s nothing,her life begins and ends there and constantly acting like her parents bought d rights to twitter for her.And many of these ibo babes act like that on twitter..Jayla,u will be a mother someday(if any1 marries u sha) cos u fit make them pursue ur husband from work with ur amebo and head knocking skills, take a chill pill and get a life outside twitter. Ps: I don’t follow her,she gets retweeted on my TL and her character was bn discussed at tnc on sunday among someppl I know. Mgbeke Chinny, now u’l knw what humility means.

  • Chei! U c y its just good тσ stay in ur house nd drink ur caprisonne nd tweet all day

    • That’s why you can’t move forward!!! I pity you!

  • Chai

  • ….

  • *Rolling* Somebody hold me pls…bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha :'( Oh me days!!!

  • Where is Efe o??? He has carried last!

    • Oh yeah?

  • FrankUgo

    Err, apart from @thetoolsman and @Olatoxic, all other guys look so horrible. There’s this fine one sha I don’t know his handle >_>
    Anyway, Chinnydiva is sexy and she knows it ┐(‘.’┐) (┌’.’)┌ ┌(˘.˘)ʃ. ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐

    Bad belle people! What’s your biz with Red carpet?
    Demilade, please unhook my bra :*
    I must be at the next TNC
    I love @Toolsman

  • No shaking. Man u is winning tommorow. Arsenal na faggot club. Ehn ehn where can i buy boli and epa in V.i. Mo need e urgently

  • *sweeping salt* E can pain sha, *smh* E can pain :( *continues sweeping*

  • *sigh*
    I would give my two front teeth, just to be blog admin on 360nobs today and see who is who.

    • ;)

  • um, since y’all making this all about TWITTER, it seems appropriate that you should include your twitter handles to your posts, no?? I mean, if you can dish it so viciously, well you should also get the recognition that you deserve, yes?**(see what i did? ok)

    …Oh, its a beautiful morning here… loving it!

  • TNC#1 was Epic.

    TNC#2 was a big leap forward.

    The Naked Convos provides a safe haven for young adults to come together and talk about life, relationships and sex.

    The theme for this edition was Money, Power, Respect.

    The event was amazing.

    From the bikini models who strut past unexpectedly.

    To the heated discussions about Money Power Respect in various scenarios.

    To the ‘how to remove a bra with no hands in two seconds’ lesson.

    And the highlight; the ‘strip for Galaxy’ tab contest.

    (The babe dulled tho, next time ‘off’ ya bra and palm em titties)

    To the guests.

    And of course the P-setting is always phenomenal. ;)

    Toolsman did an amazing job.

    And Oyetola did great hosting.

    Shout out to Nobs….mean boots brov!

    The Naked Convos Series 3.

    Patiently waiting.


  • So glad that everyone skipped the whole “Mohits + Lynxx” debacle perpetrated by this- (gboukzi)character. Mohits is not looking to add anyone right now.
    There is a possibility though unlikely(due to the fact that this particular babe is not endowed) that someone from mohits could have entered the place while telling the babe what she needs to hear. I can’t be liable for that now. Abi now.

  • These streets are mean. No one is safe. Not even the high priestess of Twitville, Jayla. Morale of the story is, don’t jump on every topic on twitter with the eagerness of a bored kid. I guess that was why someone went in on 4eyedmonk initially. He needs to quit the lame ‘wit’. He should also be ready to receive as much as he gives. Act like a dick and be prepared to get kicked like one.

    The event itself needs to be commended. Great initiative. Bright young minds.

  • … I tot it ws going to be a perverted sex thing…..

  • There they go again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BITCHES AND BASTARDS!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! If you have the guts, put up your twitter handles and let’s continue! Till then,….u r just a poop in my sockaway!!!

  • You guys are still on this? Ogaju.

  • Admin where are the other comments nah. What i see is not up to 50

  • Thank God I aint the only one who has been watching that Jayla babe. Highly opinionated, uncouth, unrefined, babe wannabe! Setting fake arse rules and trying to say what should or should not matter. I pray I run into her on the streets of this city one day. Such a bully and a female for that matter.
    She keeps warming upto those guys on twittville not knowing that behind her she is such a topic. Let her keep burning her cables and blacklisting herself in the already crazy world. Una think say na only ashewo and tief people dey evil.
    She is acting on twitter like she doesn’t know her gist is flying her hahahahhahahahaaaaaaaaaaa

    • Toun abeg give us the Jayla gist na.

  • Trrrrzzz! What’s up with u? Aren’t u ashamed of urself? Ur making matters worse for d chinnydiva character. The jokes on you. I think someone should gag u behind that keyboard. Ur acting like an angry 12yrold. Just stop it. Life aint that hard. If pple want to get @ d chinnydiva here there’s nothing wrong with tht. An opportunity presented itself, so why not? Meanwhile,’old man wey no wan leave nursery school becos of jangilova’ is a classic. LMAO!! Never heard tht one.

    • Actually, it is IMPOSSIBLE to make matters worse for her! What didn’t kill her has only made her stronger and more FAMOUS! She has risen over this! I am proud of her! She handled it well. I can imagine that if you in her place you would have gone to hide somewhere! But there she is, still tweeting as usual and getting more hits on her blog! Imagine if she had to get a penny for everytime her name was mentioned? My gawd!!! She is a LEGEND and she is celebrated! Infact, she has gained more followers! You guys fail to realise that there are some people that just can’t be brought down! The more you try to bring her down, the higher she rises!!! Please, don’t stop! PLEASE!!! As far as i am concerned, this is turning the -ive to the +ive! Using it to her advantage and iLove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE

    • Also,….my mother did not bring me up to know shame! I think before i act! So, i have no regrets!!!

  • ok…so i wasnt gonna say shyte before…but ds trzzzz person, u can like to calm down…so as she’s got more followers now becos of d whole stuf or she’s been mentioned more times…SO? pls go and eat dodo jor…duno if ur even thinkin @ all sha…pause and reread wat u wrote…if they yab u now that ur life no pass twitter, u’ll be vexin eh? na wa….

    • I am sure you understand english! (iHope)…..#NuffSaid!
      Actually, it is IMPOSSIBLE to make matters worse for her! What didn’t kill her has only made her stronger and more FAMOUS! She has risen over this! I am proud of her! She handled it well. I can imagine that if you in her place you would have gone to hide somewhere! But there she is, still tweeting as usual and getting more hits on her blog! Imagine if she had to get a penny for everytime her name was mentioned? My gawd!!! She is a LEGEND and she is celebrated! Infact, she has gained more followers! You guys fail to realise that there are some people that just can’t be brought down! The more you try to bring her down, the higher she rises!!! Please, don’t stop! PLEASE!!! As far as i am concerned, this is turning the -ive to the +ive! Using it to her advantage and iLove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE

  • Na twitter cause all ds wahala Oº°˚˚˚. Choi. #dearGod, plz let twitter crash so all dse young have time to read and pass Jamb. Abi UTME de ni.

  • This trrrrzz is a typical “air head” she feels the need to always have the last word. Let’s give it to her before she chokes on her anger n bitterness.

    • “LET’S”???????? Are you afraid to stand on your own???? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! If only you know how things like this back & forth insults excites me!!! Please, INDULGE ME! I am begging!! Abeg,…..roll it out asap! I dey wait! *now dancing alanta sideways* FOOL!

  • This is similar to a social experiment. It’s been proven that on the long run, over-exposure on social media platforms leads people to question and probe beyond the surface of seemingly interesting characters. Characters that put up their daily itineraries and divulge almost every detail of their lives online create an online persona over time without necessarily knowing it. As opposed to folks who keep a close-knit circle, such people grow a quite a following over time. Their thoughts are shared with a far larger number of people. The manner in which such thoughts and opinions are received vary. Over time, they follow closely hoping for a slip; a loophole/crack that’ll lead to demystification. I’ve been following the comments closely and the same issues pop up.

    The central characters being e-lynched are people who seem to dominate the discourse in their respective ‘twitter compounds’. They may or may not have a history of being cyber bullies. They may possess the knack for wanting to dictate and formulate hitherto non-existent rules for their followers to stick to. The average social media user will bide his time waiting for the right time to attack such characters. The shroud of anonymity often encourages an attack on such people.

    An attack on such characters may be borne out of disgust and not necessarily hate. People tend to see cyberspace as an entity they can all lay claim to. When a few try to make rules when it suits them, an attack is to be expected.
    While there are no proven formulae to avoid such attacks, it is only fair to expect to receive as hard as you dish out.

    • True that!

  • Trzzz is a lunatic.

  • Sometimes I wonder if one gets paid if they get more followers on twitter cos dis is just utterly ridiculous. Please pple get a life outside twitter abeg, it doesnt put food or money on the table mbok.

  • @Cage Trzzz,….Buhahahahaha!!!! Me like as me be lunatic! :D

  • @trrrrzzzzz/ Chinnydiva! U r an unpleasurable nonentity! U cuss like an Aba girl… Oh wait, u grew up in Aba, Ngwa raod for that matter which is similar to Ajegunle in Lag. I will always understand that if u was a pig, clean a pig, a pig will always remain a pig. U haven’t changed one bit! U r still the pig I know. But Y U NO go to a good TAILOR Y Apprentice?

    • bwahahahahahahahahahahahah @unpleasurable nonentity, na wa o

    • Hello Onyi, it seems to me like you have a personal grudge with chinny, understandable. But why are you lying and pretending like you know her? cos if you really knew her like you claim to, you would know chinny and her family have never lived in ngwa road, neither is she a pig. I know her very well and we were neighbors growing up, plus we went to the same uni.
      Oh well, you have you phone so feel free to say what you like. I bet you wish you were her.

      Girls and their petty jealousy. shaking my head

  • Trzzz,

    You don win biko….. Now change character to @chinnydiva or @Reine_Laglace… You need to see a Psychiatrist skilled in handling people suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder.. see the link below … ( Now bring on your childlike petulant tirades on. Last time i checked, freedom of expression and opinion is a guaranteed right under the Nigerian Constitution….

  • @clueless *chokes* that’s harsh…really harsh…what did chinny do to you to warrant your insulting even her parents???? Smh…

  • Demi unhooked a bra is two minz. Hiz disabled bro shudda come so dat we can c how long it will have tooken him

  • All I can say is that there some very sad people among us cus that’s the only reason u’ll come here and talk so offensively. I have seen all the comments on here and all I can say is some mothers do have them.
    If Chinny has ever offended u,call her out on the platform she did so be it twitter or in person and tell her,politely.
    And for the pro-Chinny xter u r going about it the wrong way. U r in fact bringing hate to the girl just drop it already.
    Pls,allow Jayla ,4eyedmonk and others be. I dont know why some of you even take twitter so seriously. Lets all tweet,laugh and have fun abeg,dont destroy twitter with hate and bullying we dont need all this mess.
    On that note shout to JCPhoenixx,I see u! And Demilade,you’re a bawse! Congratulations to the Galaxy tab winner.
    In support of WWE;say no to bullying,be a STAR!

    • Because of you, i will stop! But if i see any more comments dated today,..i will respond! I luv fighting and insults,..dnt knw why! We shall see who will end this!

  • Using any form of disability as an insult is just low. Very low. We need to watch what we say. The universe sometimes plays games. Don’t let what u say today affect ur tomorrow.

  • Seee what twitter has done to you guys *reclines seat* please carry on…..

  • Lessons Learnt:

    a. A lot of those making the twitteresque comments here are young ‘uns.
    b. Social media is destructive, unseen peeps can just burn your cables on these e-streets – justified or not
    c. Its best to keep as much of me (and my pictures) offline so I dont provide fodder for the enemy’s fire
    d. I dont understand this overwhelming need to insult – please get help – seriously.
    e. Bile boomerangs!
    f. The comments I read on the Nigerian web have got so much bile – well didn’t someone say of recent that 2m Nigerians have mental problems?
    g. A cloak of anonymity is needed for a bulk of online interactions in this clime – google is pretty powerful and I dont want anyone googling me to hire me for a job to find my good name drowned in vomit.

  • this just goes to show that social networks aint for everybody if u feel more secure insulting people via a social network u are the worst kinda coward and u shld have ur brain all those who got invites and attended big ups to u and those who didnt stop hating. this is a SOCIALnetwork lets keep it that way and i didnt see any age restrictions when signing up.all i can say is somepeople need help fast

  • I will kill to see what @TheBlackHermit looks like tho…. Then I will have something to say :D

  • i wonder y some cats r going on and on abt this jayla babe….if u dont like wat u see on ur TL u simply unfollow the person…i did that a long time ago with d jayla babe although i have a bossom frnd that sucks up to her….i just felt irritated by d way she reacted wen she dropped an EPIC grammatical error and i gbagauned her, so i helped myself…

  • I cannot stop laughing at how immature this is… generation after generation it’s the same BS
    NOW I have to join twitter sha… I’m enjoying ALL the drama … it looks like it’s more interesting than TV… NO???

  • Who the hell wore that ankara thingy, she looks like a clothed goat…my gate man can sow that shit. Not impressed with some peep’s dressing style…but gotta give it up for some sweet lil huns, and some gud lukin blads…thumbs up. But seriously, 360 nobs…or whoever posted these pictures, aren’t there better pictures to post??? U guys cld hav just snapped tables and chairs instead of posting some crappy pictures…shit

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