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Bleaching, toning, skin lighting, insert any other term or name you’ve heard. Let’s be brutally honest here, bleaching your skin is BLEACHING no excuses please. You’ve heard the stories of people taking dangerous pills to genetically manipulate the colour pigmentation of their skin, all for looking a tad lighter, or spending hundreds of dollars on spa treatments, creams and body serum to rid your body of its natural melanin.

On a psychological level, it’s beyond fascinating. An individual must be genuinely dissatisfied with the colour of their skin to go out and look for a means through which the colour they were born with can be manipulated. A lot of times we blame it on the images we see on the magazine covers, music videos and editorials. Every day, rap artists pick the Latinas and Hispanic vixens to feature in their videos. The lighter she is, the prettier right? Watching music videos with light skinned girls in them sends a clear message, “There is no place for you if your skin tone doesn’t meet up with the criteria”. Hence, whenever you switch to MTV, you are reminded to do something about your skin tone.

Whenever you open a magazine you are confronted by a perception of beauty that is so fake and extreme, I always wonder how women buy into it. It doesn’t help that we watch our favourite superstars get rid of their natural identity by dipping their hands into a jar of bleaching cream.


Rihanna is one of the many stars that has come under speculation for the drastic change in her skin colour.

Lil kim has been very vocal about her bleaching habits, stating that over the years many men have cheated on her with lighter skin women.  (Am I the only one rolling my eyes?)

Vybz Kartel recently came under fire for bleaching his song and has since inspired many diss songs by fellow Jamaican artists.

Bleaching or toning or whatever it is called these days, is extremely dangerous to the skin and rids the skin of its first protective layer. Once you begin to bleach, your skin can not withstand the UV ray from the sun hence causing more damage. It seems like such a hefty price to pay for the satisfaction of appearing lighter in complexion. I mean what is the problem with us?? As Africans, there is no such thing as being too dark, it is after all OUR identity.

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Make up artist, wardrobe stylist monster. Addicted to the trends, living for fashion and beauty AND lipstick with super powers, faithful blogger who's obsessed with stuffing her face with gummy bears. I personally love people that always have a beauty question for me to answer.


  • its quite amazing that these examples cited above all looked better with their original skin tone SMH
    Pls dont get me started with us-Naija peeps

  • This article is on point…3months ago,i ran into an old classmate and i just walked past.not because i am now a snob but the fact that the last time we shared suya back in school she was a dark beauty and now shez white.she called me and had to tell me who she was and i was like WTH!!! her face looks really nice i must say…but her feet and hands look like shez got pink socks and gloves on with black designs on the knuckle region.Sadly this same friend of mine had a baby recently and had to get stitches.she has been going back to have the stitches done over and over again because her skin is weak due to her *bleaching* and wont hold the thread.The slightest strain on that area causes another tear and her body is pretty messed up right now.y’all better learn.

  • I’m naturally light skinned and up until I moved to Naij, I didn’t really see the big deal about my skin colour ‘cos it doesn’t define who I am. A lot of people ask me what cream I use blah blah and when I tell them, they raise an eyebrow thinking I’m lying…I don’t know what our fascination is with lighter skin, it doesn’t make you better than the next man, it might get you a few attention but that’s all it is…attention! I think India Arie said it in her, you’re not skin people!

  • *song*

  • I dunno about the others but i cant tell u that Rihana cannot be said to have should note that most of these celebs use bronzers that make their skin tone darker.

  • Chidinma

    @bola na wa for u o! Abi u no sabi bleached skin wen u see one?
    Rihanna don bleach biko…I rem her from her pon de replay and if it’s loving that u want video…n girl that girl used JIK on herself…EOD!

    Ermm Lucy, is it that we don’t have ‘culprits’ abi bleached victims back home?

  • CREME, U r a bastard for this comment. U really got me ROTFLMAO.

  • bleachin is good. embrace it. im bleachin and i like it. i look so much better now that i wAS b4. i assure u. if u use d right product u will NEVER regret it and if u spend good money on it. ul gt good results. for further enquiries. contact me on 08022907309. a trial will convince u.

  • @ITS ME skin cancer is real o

  • When I was little, I always thought my fair skinned sis & cousins were prettier & it didn’t help that everytime we were all together, people were always appreciating their “beauty”. As I grew I began to appreciate my complexion cos I do not have to worry about acne while my light skinned sisters, well, let’s just say that any little money given is spent on unnecessary skin products. I heal easily which is one exciting part of my dark skin, thanks to my pigment. Will I ever want to “improve” the color of my skin? Hell no! Black indeed is beautiful.

  • Did I forget to mention that I’m also prettier than my “yellow & almost yellow” sisters now that we’re grown?

  • i tink ppl can alter the complexion if they want , it is their body .. if the get cancer , i wont go n get chemotheraphy with them , if it is hot and they start to smell .. i dnt care as long as they dont come near me … and i dnt also care n wont compplain as long as they dnt offer me their cream

  • Toning and bleaching are different!

  • I don’t know what this rap is all about, but I do know one certain thing; when Naija sun tans me I must remove the tan. I need my own complexion not the sunburn I get everyday from going out in the sun.

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