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Hi, my name is Nkechi and I’ve never been successful in a relationship. I’ve tried my best in the past to keep one but they kept falling apart.

I’ve been made to think that maybe someone from my hometown is using “remote control” on me so at some point I gave up on trying to start or keep a relationship.

However, in 2010 I met Mark and we kicked if off as friends and unexpectedly emotions creeped in and we started a relationship. Mark changed everything I thought I knew about men. He was gentle and treated me like a real princess. He calls every single day to say good morning and at night to say good night. He sends me chocolates, flowers and sometimes takes me with him on business trips. We’ve been dating for over a year now but there’s one snag, I’m just his “side chic”.

Please before you heap insults on Mark, I didn’t just find out, he told me the moment we shared the first kiss. He even said he would understand if I didn’t want to get sexual with him. He informed me that he had been dating his “main squeeze” for about 6 years before we met.

Recently, my mum got to know about his relationship status and she’s been on my case to stop seeing him.

Dear friends, Is there anything wrong in being THE SIDE CHIC?



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  1. Tried dis side chic fin twice but it didnt work. U̶̲̥̅̊ will kip hoping the guy will leave the GF for you(LIE LIE)..if u like d guy so much dat u wanna b d side chic dont get sexually cos u will definitely fall in ℓ♥√ع wif some1 dat is just using U̶̲̥̅̊ 2 satisfy his sexual urge..No matter wat he
    Will always go back 2 d girlfriend..

  2. Wow society(myself included) has lost the ability of telling if something is good or bad,that we now look for means to justify our wrong doings.God please have mercy on us all.

  3. One guys main chic is another guys side chic so what r u saying maybe the main for mark is a side chic somewhere else so relax and enjoy u never can tell since they r not yet married u may end up taking the NO 1 spot

  4. Nothing wrong with being a side chick… I was my current squeeze side chick for 4years.I didn’t want more,I was having fun(bear in mind I was 19 when we met), kept my heart wide open. In the 4years I left him for about 8Months and had an ‘exclusive’ rship with a total wanker. Somehow we drifted back together after I broke up with the wanker. He eventually left his girl for me (they always had their issues and she wasn’t willing to work on it,I blame him too oh). So now I use his ex bad rship to my full advantage. I know exactly why he kept me as a side chick. The sex was faboosh, I didn’t nag (why should I anyway, dude is 100% undiluted fun) and he liked to talk about feelings (isn’t that what all women want?). So really my dear its ur choice,make d best of it, have a good time jare, if u become the main ‘madam’ well u can choose to enjoy it, and if u wanna be side chick till either of you gets bored,still wish you the very best. And for those saying one becomes a desperate single babe, I bet y’all hv parents that hv been forcing marriage down your throats since y’all hit puberty. Some of us are lucky yea, we get married when we are Psychologically ready not when family and society dictates. :).

  5. Nicole way to go girl! U have the complete recipe for a happy life. As for the rest of y’all that see life as a one way street.. Good luck to all ur doomed to be miserable asses. Peace, love and chicken grease!

  6. i’m all for having fun but why does it have to be with someone else’s man rather than someone single? Your fun should never be at someone else’s expense, no matter how miserable the guy’s relationship is with the main. If his relationship is that messed up tell him to man up and leave. #IJS

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