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A book by Myne Whitman

Below is an excerpt from the new novel by Myne Whitman who released ‘A Heart to Mend’ as her first novel. She is a Nigerian and believes in the use of the internet and social media to promote the book industry and literacy levels in the country. To this end, she facilitated the Publisher‘s Forum at the 2010 Garden City Literary Festival, Port Harcourt, Nigeria, on “Social Media and the Book Publishing Industry”. She is also the founder and managing editor of a critique and networking website, www.NaijaStories.com, for those that read, write or publish Nigerian stories.

“Efe returns to Nigeria after years in the United States, dreaming of an uncomplicated life. However, her nights become plagued by nightmares of Kevwe Mukoro, her ex-fiancé. Long hours at work and drinking in nightclubs only provide temporary relief, and when she encounters Kevwe’s twin brother, she knows it’s a matter of time before Kevwe is back in her life.


Sparks fly when they finally meet again, but desire is no match for bitter memories of heartbreak. All these years, Efe believed she was rejected; now Kevwe claims he’d never stopped loving her. Stuck at a crossroads, Kevwe prefers to look to the future, but Efe is not so sure. Can the traumatic events of the past be resolved, and will she give in to rekindled love?”

Myne Whitman

The video has been uploaded on Youtube here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzQTuKbdsZg

The book can currently be bought at the following outlets; AMAZON PAPERBACKKINDLECREATESPACE –  Book Launch Discount Code 5% off (5YPZ5L8Y), SMASHWORDS, and B&N NOOK
To celebrate the release of Myne Whitman’s second novel, A Love Rekindled, there’ll be a virtual party on Twitter on Saturday, April 2, 2011 at 10am Pacific Time, 1pm Eastern Time, and 6pm UK and Nigeria Time.
A Twitter Party is a great way to have fun, make new followers, and this time you can win prizes too. During the A Love Rekindled Twitter Party we will be discussing ways to rekindled love, creative ways to apologise, and how to set your love on fire!
Join the party by searching for the hashtag #torekindlelove and #ALRbook and adding both to your tweets that fit the discussion. You can also retweet other people’s tweets if they are part of the party. To win prizes, all you have to do is tweet more!The party has started already – join in the fun and win the e-book*. Tell us why you deserve to win the e-book in 150chracters and add #ALRbook as part of your 150characters. (This would close by 5pm Sunday 3rd of April 2011) Extended to 12midnight Tuesday 5th of April 2011.


A Love RekindledMyne Whitman
*Only one winner would be selected.


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  1. #ALRbook: iWas at first reluctant to participate for obvious reasons, but ‘worefa’!
    iAm interested in relationships and life’s craziness, issues apparently touched on by this book. Plus iLove reading, so why not read Myne’s second?

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