360 Video Première: Wizkid – Holla At Your Boy

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360nobs is proud to present the video première of Wizkid‘s smash hit debut single  “Holla At Your Boy”. The EME representer is destined for big thangs.

The video was shot  by Patrick Elis @ Dowen College in Lekki, Lagos

Be sure to check for guest appearances by Banky W, D Prince, Skales, Ice Prince, 19th street, Piper & Uche Udoh.

Yup! Get familiar!



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  1. Nice Video & Respect to EME cos they can just deleiver.I wish Banky & the Label all the best but i guess Wizkid dont know how to drive cos he would have pulled that Range & said “Wen u see me drive by,holla @ ur boy”…lol Well i love the whole Concept thou

  2. Well Nice video but it was too foreign ..i should have been shot at a Normal school around the neighborhood no somewhere in Lekki high brow area ..or Vgc i can tell from the video..how will Foreigners feel about our Little culture that is hy i still respect Gini the way he delivers musical video …check out samclef.. video and Dagrin pon pon its was street….

    1. Exactly Racksnatcha! Because you wonder how many kids in Nigeria roller-skate and the likes.(Before anyone chops off my head, i know kids in naija do, but i mean the average Nigerian kid most likely doesn’t).

      But then again, it depends on who EME’s target audience is; kids in Lekki versus Kids in “low brow” areas. Nice song and video nonetheless.

      1. seriously tho u guys need to chill!! d concept was very ok and not every naija video needs to have d same concept!! how doe dis video look foreign? i actually cant believe that people with internet access still talk like dis in 2010!! if they were gonna over do it, dey would have put whizkid in a bentley or a ferrari. but d kid was on a bike ahn ahn wat else r u expecting

  3. ShadeNonconformist and Racksnatcha- u guys need to chill tho. The first nigerian video where the focus is not bumbum and rose and random club scenes and you still find something to complain about. Let the kids enjoy themselves. The video is innocent and fun- let’s celebrate that.

  4. Na wa o….which one is too foreign again? must every 9ja video be ‘streetish’?
    Truth is,schools like Dowen exist in Nigeria in their dozens so what’s abnormal abt it?
    #InOtherNews,I’m so impressed,the video is on point! I looooove the girls in the video,their custome,hair and make up- on point!

  5. Hey nijia u got hear dis one cos ,its so hot.wiz..d kip d gud start up.no mind dem d guy dey 4 strt lik every other guy

  6. Lmao @ the comments! There’s nuthn like “too foreign” in this video. Y’all that are complaining should drink cold water and calm down though. Thumbs up E.M.E! Always delivering! Nice video wizkid,on point! X

  7. Love it oo, it is such a cute cute video, although they would have used darker skin gurls, dunno the obsession with light skin girls, its not like they are better looking, i guess its a thing of the mind, job well done all the same. Chao.

  8. U guys talking about too foreign and average Nigerians make it sound like ppl that go to international skools in Nigeria r not Nigerians as well.don’t be selfish, we watch TV too besides the word diversify exists for a reason.

  9. i really love the video clip coz it very thight including the swag of wizkid also the angel wizkid use greath job banky w. really love the job keep it up naija

  10. k appreciate patrick elis d video director mst hv done alot of job nd dat girl is cute ooo forget m a girl 2

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